The Federal Medical Centre, Asaba was established on the 12th August 1998 as a consequence of the Federal Government of Nigeria policy to setup a Federal Medical Centre in states where a Federal Teaching Hospital is non-existent.

The institution tool over its current site from the central hospital. Asaba which itself metamorphosed from the colonial cottage \hospital of the Mid-Western region with its foundation stone was laid by the then western Region Commissioner for Health, Mr J. Adigun, in March, 1962 with a thirty bed complement.
It was at the creation of Delta State in 1991 that the cottage Hospital was rechristened Asaba Central Hospital and Upgraded to provide Primary Preventive and Specialized Healthcare services to Asaba and environs albeit grossly ill- quipped to carry out such services.

That was the position of the service state health institution when the federal government took over in August 1998 and renamed it Federal Medical Centre, Asaba. With such antecedent, the new Tertiary Health Centre took off with inadequate, obsolete, dilapidated infrastructure and equipment made even worse by a lack of the take of grant.

From such a disadvantaged position, the Federal medical Centre, Asaba had to contend with the challenge of infrastructure and facility upgrade as well as man power development. But without a take-off grant coupled with irregular capital subventions then the establishment has recorded and standout stand-out milestones developments and achievements with succeeding a very committed management and a crop of highly professional and dedicated staff.