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The Finance and Accounts Department is an integral and vibrant department in the Centre that coordinates all financial activities in FMC, Asaba, viz Revenue collections, Expenditure, salaries and wages etc.

  1. Mr Omonigho Akpovona, FCA is the Director of Finance and Accounts and head of department. He is an intelligent and amiable young man with excellent dedication to duty. At the moment the Accounts Department has the following units and head of the units as follows:
  2. Sir Onyenaju Oghenero Cosmas, FCA, Chief Accountant, Budget Deputy Head of the Accounts Department
  3. SALARIES AND PAYROLL Mrs Enunwa Stella CNA, head of Salary. This unit prepare salaries & payroll for locum staff, Interns, House Officers, youth copers as well as part time staff. The salary unit also prepares promotion arrears for staff on GIFMIS platform. Furthermore, the unit prepares staff monthly verification and issuance of pay slips.
  4. REVENUE UNIT Mrs Eris Jewo Ibi CNA, head of Revenue. The main Revenue Office is the admin section of the Revenue unit that coordinate all the activities of the revenue and it is located at the General outpatient Complex. The unit does online collection of revenue in the Centre. It has TSA enabled POS which is functional to enable patients make payments without carrying cash. This is in tandem with Federal government policy of ease of doing business in Nigeria and in compliance with FG policy of Single Treasury Account – TSA. The Revenue Unit has the sole responsibility of revenue collection in the Centre, be it cash, bank draft and the use of POS. To discharge this duty effectively the unit work 24/7 with a crop of dedicated staff by ensuring ease of access to quality health care delivery in the Centre. At the moment, the unit runs its pay points in the following clinics for ease of access to patients;
    1. General Outpatient pay point , opens 8am to 4pm
    2. Laboratory pay point opens 24/7 including Saturdays and Sundays
    3. X Ray pay point, runs 8am to 4pm
    4. Dental Clinic , 8am to 4pm
    5. Maternity pay point 8am to 4pm
    6. Public Health Clinic pay point 8am to 4 pm
    7. Eye clinic pay point 8am to 4pm
    8. Accident and Emergency pay point , opens 24/7 including Saturdays and Sundays
    9. Case note assessment, takes care of patient folders that were discharged after being admitted in the hospital by accurately computing patients bills it is in the top burner of Management to expand cash service points to all the clinics in the next few years.
  5. FINAL ACCOUNTS Mr Ubeku Michael, head of Final Accounts The final accounts prepares the financial statements in conformity with IPSAS. This unit has well trained staff, they collate all financial records from various units of the department to prepare the various books of accounts, the financial statements and the accompanying notes, and they also attend to the various institutions that oversight the centre.
  6. EXPENDITURE UNIT The unit is headed by Mrs Egbejule Oghenefejiro, ACA. This unit is in charge of raising payment vouchers for all approvals relating to overheads, personnel and capital. The unit also keep records of advances register and the retirement of such advances.
  7. CENTRAL PAY OFFICE Mrs Ibuaku Chigozie, ACA head of unit this is where payments to all approvals to beneficiaries are made, custody of all security documents are kept. The unit also remit taxes and other deductions to appropriate tax authorities, prepare and keep the cash book and maintains the various accounts including the TSA.
  8. CHECKING AND CONTROL UNIT Mr Anthony Ijeh , head of Unit The unit is responsible for checking all vouchers raised by salary unit and expenditure unit aimed at making sure that the vouchers are free from arithmetic error , the unit also verifies the documents presented for retirement of vouchers. Others include the following
  9. Mr Benjamin justice , NHIS Accountant
  10. Ehondor Imade , IPPIS desk officer
  11. Oniovokukor Ijeoma , DRF Accountant
  12. Otasere Richard , O& GRF Accountant
  13. Mrs Ebeifenadi E, head of Cathering Revolving Fund
  14. Mr Orughe Philip , Dental X Ray RF
  15. Mrs Uzomechine Kate, Thearter RF

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