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We have a classic set up of Ophthalmic Professionals ranging from Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic Nurses, Opticians and Optical Assistants moving eye care to a higher level in a 3rd world country like ours (Nigeria) operating from the capital base of Delta State, Asaba.

We basically run three subspecialty Ophthalmic services aside general ophthalmic duties which include Glaucoma, Paediatrics Ophthalmology and Oculo-Plastic Subspecialties.

We also run an outreach arm responsible for providing quality but affordable eye care to indigent ones within the populace especially with financial support from various Private individuals and NGDO’s. Such services offer free ophthalmic consultations and drugs, free glasses prescriptions and free cataract surgeries to such communities.

The following Ophthalmological and Optical services are rendered on a daily basis from the base hospital:


  • General Ophthalmic and Subspecialty In and Out patient Consultation and Care
  • General comprehensive Ophthalmic/Eye screening exercises
  • General ophthalmic and Sub specialty surgery including:
  • Small incision cataract surgeries with intraocular lens implantation( both for children and adults)
  • Trabeculectomy surgeries and other glaucoma surgical procedures(both for children and adults)
  • Trabeculotomy procedures
  • Combined cataract and glaucoma surgical procedures
  • Bleb revisiting procedures
  • Corneal/corneoscleral ocular emergencies repair/reconstruction.
  • Repair /Reconstruction of Eyelid Lesions:Lacerations, Mass Excision,Malpositions, Ptosis Surgery, Entropion, Ectropion repair with Sliding Flaps/ Skin Grafts
  • Orbitotomy with incisional or Excisional Biopsy of Orbital Lesions
  • Orbital Socket Reconstruction with Buccal Mucuous Membrane/Composite Graft
  • Evisceration/Enucleation with Orbital Implants
  • Lacrimal Surgery,Punctoplasty, Paediatric Syringing and Probing, External Dacryocystorhinostomy with Intubation
  • General Nursing care and services to patients on admission at the eye ward including ward round teachings and bedside demonstration of signs.
  • General Optometry services of refraction/Autorefraction, visual status assessment and ocular balance
  • Minimal low visual assessment and management
  • Refraction and Prescription of regular and special order lenses, varifocals/Progressive addition lenses, photochromic lenses, AR/Ultraviolet protective lenses.
  • Cycloplegic Refraction especially in children. Near vision assessment and treatment
  • Squint assessment and prescriptions.
  • Glazing and fixing of lenses in regular, half rim and rimless frames.



  • Weekly Post Graduate Teaching Sessions of Medical and Surgical Ophthalmology, Optics and Refraction
  • Weekly Departmental Seminars/Presentations and Demonstration of Signs.
  • Monthly grand meeting of all clinical staffs.

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