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The Department of Paediatrics, FMC, Asaba, formally came into existence with the establishment of the FMC in 1998. The inaugural HOD was Dr Leo Erhunmwunsee, being the only Paediatrician in the hospital. With just 3 Medical Officers and few nurses to complement, the department then consisted of a cubicle as an Outpatient clinic and a portion of the then female ward, which had 2 paediatric beds, as the Paediatrics Ward.
Since then, the department has grown tremendously both in physical structures and in functional capacity. The department is also an acclaimed centre of excellence as far as Residency Training programme is concerned.

Functional Units

  • Children’s Out-Patient Clinic
  • Children’s Ward 1 – 20 Bedded
  • Children’s Ward 2 – 20 Bedded\
  • Children’s Emergency Room (CHER) – 10 Beds and 4 Couches
  • Neonatal Ward (Inborn and Outborn) – 20 Bedded

In addition, there is a Competency/Skill Acquisition Room, a Seminar Room, a Library, a Creche and a Departmental Office.

CLINICAL SERVICES are provided by Firms overseeing various sub-specialties, as follows:-

  1. Firm A – Neonatology, Prof Angela Okolo and Dr Uche Chimah
  2. Firm B – Neurology, Dr Clifford Okike
  3. Firm C – Haematology/Oncology, Dr Hyginus Opara
  4. Firm D – Endocrinology/Gastroenterology, Dr Kayode Adeniran
  5. Firm E – Nephrology, Dr Bertilla Ezeonwu
  6. Firm F – Cardio-Respiratory, Dr Leo Erhunmwunsee Dr Ifeoma Okwudinka
  7. Firm G – Infectious Diseases, Dr Efe Omoyibo
  8. Firm H – Community Paediatrics, Dr Ezinne Onyeka-Okite
  9. Children’s Emergency Room, Dr Emeka Abonyi and Dr Olumuyiwa Bamidele


Dr Hyginus I. O. Opara


  1. Dr Leo Erhunmwunsee (1998 - 2007)
  2. Dr Kayode Adeniran (2007 - 2013)
  3. Dr Uche Chimah (2013 - 2016)
  4. Dr Clifford Okike (2016 - 2018)


  • New-born Screening (Hospital based/ Community based)
  • Community Outreaches
  • Various Researches at different levels of implementation
  • Yearly Activities to mark World Breastfeeding Week, Kidney Day etc


10 Paediatrics Fellows produced within 8 years of onset of the Residency programme. All candidates presented for Part 1 fellowship exams have all passed and are at different stages of preparation for part II


The Department prides itself in the cordiality and kindred spirit amongst colleagues. We constantly celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions together. The Consultants maintain an open-door policy to the residents and house officers.

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