Department of Public Health

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Dr (Mrs) Adesuwa Aigbokhaode


Department of Public Health has a vision to be a role model in Public Health practice in Nigeria. Her activities includes;
A. Control, prevention and management of infectious diseases, including:
i) HIV and STIs,
ii) Tuberculosis,
Iii) Haemorrhagic fevers e.g. Lassa fever, monkey pox, COVID-19 infections etc.
B. Provision of occupational and environmental health services
C. Immunization services
D. Postgraduate residency training for medical doctors.
E. Research activities
F. School health services
G. Health Education through outreach services
H. Capacity building of health care professionals to enhance the health of the public through consultation, skill development and education, while pursuing high-quality research to strengthen the health of the public. This has largely been done in collaboration with CCFN, DSMoH, DPHCDA, SACA, NTBLCP, IHVN, WHO, NASCP, FMOH, NGOs and professional bodies.


Notable amongst our achievements in the year 2019 till date are;
1. Detection of about 283 new HIV cases and of this 255 were enrolled into care while the remaining were linked to other facilities. Over 2,000 of Adult PLWHA are in care, in addition to us having met up with the UNAIDS 95:95:95 goal.
2. About 20,364 children were given routine immunizations:
i) About 2,251 TT vaccines to mothers
ii) and 2,844 people were vaccinated against COVID-19.
3) The successful prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic in Delta State was launched from the department, ably led and coordinated by the public health Physicians using a model of multidisciplinary team of pathologists, internists, anaesthetists, health records officers, public health nurses, environmental health officers, hygienists, and medical laboratory scientists.
4) Successful oversight of the design, implementation and operation of the model infectious diseases isolation centre, which gave birth to CCDCR (Centre for Communicable Disease Control and Research) FMC, Asaba.
5) Successful Control and clinical management of HIV/AIDS, yellow fever, lassa fever, monkey pox and tuberculosis in the hospital and it’s environment
6.) The department has successfully reset the mindset of health workers and public officers on the positive prime importance of public health in health care delivery in the hospital setting and contributed at the state and national levels.
7.) Lastly with the support/encouragement of the management and need to improve on healthcare services the department commenced the residency training programme in 2018 and presently she has (ten) 10 new senior registrars that have passed the West African College of Physicians membership examinations.