Information Technology Department

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Benjamin Yakubu
Head of Department, IT

The Information Technology (IT) department  of FMC Asaba is charged with maintaining the servers housing patients data, the physical network and all other computer-related infrastructure of the Hospital.

The department also develops (in-house) and manages a good number of digital services and application software that run off of the FMCASABA local area network, such as:

  • Digital Attendance that is very flexible and runs on all devices especially smartphones (with facial capture)
  • Digital & Secure Federal ID Card Processing system including image capture, real-time digitized signature and  1-click reprint (built in collaboration with the PRO department)
  • Store Manager - a digital store inventory system (making the requisitioning process painless and more secure) - completely built in collaboration with the Store and Inventory department.
  • Digital official email request system (for official emails or fmcasaba.wifi - our local email server addresses)
  • Web design and development (we designed and developed this website)
  • FMC Asaba Meet - our implementation of Zoom for use within FMC Asaba (No mobile data required)
  • Wireless Hotspot Internet Services
  • We also handle all CCTV deployments in-house
  • and many others.

With a vision to develop and evolve as much as possible leveraging on current technological trends, the IT department is poised to grow whilst efficiently, cost-effectively sustaining and maintaining everything IT in FMC Asaba.
Reach us: HOD IT (