Stores and Supplies Department

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Mr Olorunfunmi Ajesi
Chief Store Officer, Head of Department

Store and Supplies department of FMC Asaba is a physical environment where goods or materials are kept, in this case, moveable properties purchased from public funds or otherwise acquired by government for the use of this grand establishment, FMC Asaba.

Government wants all moveable properties to be kept in the store for proper accountability.  A major advantage of this department in this Federal Government Hospital is to ensure needed equipment including reagents are always ready to be provided and used whenever the need arises or in cases of emergency.   This will enable services continue before the office bureaucracy will be carried out for re-order of stocks.

In FMC Asaba, we have been able to co-develop a software (with the FMC Asaba IT department) to computerize the activities of the store and help in stock verification of the Stock Survey Records and analysis of rate of issue of stores to different departments for accurate record/inventory.  All-in-all, the entire process of interacting with and managing the store digitally via computer software, makes it all less cumbersome - this is a proven advantage over the traditional paper-based system.