Department of Dentistry

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Dr. Mrs Vivienne Osiatuma

Welcome to Department of Dentistry, Federal Medical Centre Asaba. The department was created along with other departments in 1998 when the hospital was taken over by the Federal Ministry of Health. 

It has units headed 6 consultants, several resident doctors and dental officers.

We also have 7 dental technologists, 7 dental therapists and 13 dental surgical assistants.  

Mission of the Department 

The department strives  to provides total care/services for the dental patient doing a vast range of dental procedures eliminating the need of people who live in Asaba and its environ to have to seek care in far away dental centres. It has also become a reliable focus for referrals from secondary health care facilities in surrounding states. 

To provide quality, planned, individualized, holistic, and evidence based care to our patients. 

To provide an enabling atmosphere for dental staff to work, learn continuously and remain motivated at providing excellent, efficient and effective care to clients.     

Specialities and Services 

The department provides a wide range of treatment options for the dental patient. Patients , depending on their needs are seen in one or multiple specialties or subspecialties in the department. 

Common  procedures carried out include:  a wide array of dental prothesis including dental implants, fixed and removable orthodontics appliances, minor and major oral surgical procedures , dental restorative procedures etc.

Specialities under the department of dentistry include

  1. Child Dental Health and Orthodontics
  2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  3. Oral Diagnosis and Radiology
  4. Prosthodontics
  5. Preventive Dentistry
  6. Oral Pathology
  7. Periodontics 

Child Dental Health/Orthodontics is concerned with preventive and interceptive dental procedures in children as well as the alignment of crooked teeth. 

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic is were teeth are extracted and other minor dental surgical procedures are carried out.

Major dental surgical procedures are carried out in the hospital's main theatre.  Periodontics is concerned with the treatment of periodontal diseases. 

In Oral Diagnosis, first time dental patients are managed, diagnosed before being sent to other clinics for definitive treatments  

We value our clients, their families, co-workers and the communities we serve; with regards to individual's rights, peculiarities, privacy and diversity in culture, the importance of patient's input into the decision making and choice of care.