Department of Ophthalmology

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Dr Akinyemi Adedeji

The Ophthalmology department is set up to provide modern day ophthalmological and optical services to the general population around us. We are equipped with updated diagnostic and therapeutic devices that enhances quality service delivery for optimal functioning ranging from Automated Perimeter/Visual Field Analyser, Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT), BScan ultrasound, Non-contact Tonometers, Autorefraction/Keratometers and a wide range of ophthalmic accessories.


We presently render the following services:

1)      General Ophthalmology clinics

2)      Specialist Glaucoma clinic

3)      Retinal clinics

4)      Oculoplastic clinics

5)      Optical glazing services that provides prompt spectacle delivery to our patients.

6)      Surgical services including general minor and major ophthalmologic surgeries, glaucoma filtration surgeries, oculoplastic/reconstructive surgeries, retinal procedures etc.

7)      We also render laser procedures for glaucoma (cycloablation), posterior capsulotomy and retinal photocoagulation.

This last point is a major landmark accomplishment for our department and indeed the hospital in recent years.

The department (as a result of its efficiency in service delivery over the years) now attends to patients from all the neighboring states of Anambra, Imo, Enugu and Edo State.



Dr Akinyemi Adedeji

HOD Ophthalmology