The FMC Asaba Store Manager Software

Posted by: Linda Okigala on Mon Feb 28, 2022 8:35 AM

The IT department of FMC Asaba in collaboration with the Store and Supplies department have produced a software application to make requisitioning a breeze.

The effective success of a business, corporation or organization in today’s competitive world requires top automated systems, skilled staff and an enabling environment. We, the IT department of FMC Asaba in conjunction with the Stores and Supplies Department, have developed a STORE MANAGER software for FMC Asaba with our human resources and expertise to improve the performance of the existing store processes.

The manual system of operating the FMC Asaba Store (and many FMC Stores nationwide) entails records maintenance being done entirely by hand, without using a computer system or any automated system.

Requisitions are plagued by long walks from the point of requisition to Admin department, to Store and so forth. After which the item needed may not even be available.

A lot of unnecessary challenges are encountered and the inability to effectively monitor the system is prevalent.

The manual system, though manageable with avoidable difficulties, seems to encourage the equally avoidable waste of human resources, time and money.

For one, cost savings will be realized from NOT PRINTING store-related documents anymore.


The new automated system is designed to be efficient, secure and less time consuming.

 Requisitions are now possible at the click/tap of a button after the items are selected.

The system works great on mobile devices and computers and as such can be used from anywhere within the FMC with smartphones, tablets and computers.

It is designed to ensure proper easy inventory management of items in the store and those requested.


The main purpose of the training was to provide the requisite knowledge, skills and tools, to our members of staff in other to improve their work performance with regards to the Store and to become competent in using the new FMC Asaba Store Manager effectively.

These training sessions will help enhance the skills of trainees at various levels and make their requisitions process easier and the store management efficient.

We believe in a hands-on AND practical approach to our training. FMC Asaba IT staff that will take charge as trainers are well trained and experienced (especially because lead trainers were also part of the software development team).

Our store manager software covers all aspects, departments and units of the hospital. Our Store manager training was broken down according to the following User Roles of the software.

   User Category


   Admin Authorizers

Admin staff are saddled with the responsibility of AUTHORIZING requisitions

   Heads of Department/Units

Heads of department/units are saddled with the responsibility of making / receiving / approving requisition at the departmental level, they can also return requisitioned items.

   Departmental Staff

Are saddled with the responsibility of making requisitions / receiving requisitions / returning items

   Head of Store

Is saddled with the responsibility of approving requisitions at the store level and many other high-level store-related operations.

   Store Admin

Is saddled with ledger reporting in the store and other operations as permitted by the Head of Store

   Store Attendant

Are saddled with basic responsibilities in the store – receiving supplies, locating items requested, receiving returned items etc.